Friday, 22 June 2007

The Riflemaker Gallery - London

This is a neat art gallery in Soho. It's always free and always good. The John Maeda exhibition (above) is interesting, but make sure you see Chris Bucklow's work. It's just beautiful, it really is. Updated regularly.


lauren said...

glad to see that someone else saw the Maeda exhibition at Riflemaker! I only liked a few bits and pieces of the show, but boy they were great bits.

Riflemaker is a great space - upstairs is the coolest and the staircase downstairs is so Texas Chainsaw Massacre. How cool were the riflemaker badges too! I pinched two.

BTW, just stumbled upon this blog, so sorry for the excited blurt.. heh.

Jaime Diskin said...

I love excited blurts. And hey, if you've got any art links, hook me up. You can post here or at my email. (P.S I pinched some riflemaker postcards too).