Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Jeff Hawkins - Brain Science and computing

Jeff Hawkins is awesome. Even if you have no interest in Neuroscience you should watch this TED lecture. He gives his ideas about the framework of how the brain works, which is essentially a predictive model, (or rather one in which the neo cortex observes patterns and sends this informtaion to the other parts of the brain) and explains why it is high time we had a workable model of the mind. Plus he gets a few laughs.

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djlorenzen said...

I would agree 100%.

Watch it, it's just awesome what this guy came up with. He is not the first but he pieced it together in the right way. His idea is not easy, but it is simple and extremely elegant, and it is my belief that this, his idea, is the way to build truly intelligent machines.

I have seen this TED video, a bunch other videos with him, and read his book, On Intelligence (if you are lucky you can find it on the net)

Can only recommend it.