Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Mindhead Eye on - Youtube Interactive

Hooly dooley. Everyone's favourite office distraction channel is now interactive. Hold onto your butts headsters, this is going to be ginormous, hugagantic. Check out a link to the video here.

Trend for 2008. Craft.

This guitar solo is incredible and along with Ronald Jenkee and a lot of other pop-culture memes, it makes me think a trend is developing in pop-culture attention.


Ideas are now everywhere and are being created by everyone all the time. The ones that stand out from this often show an attention to the details and give the sense of being crafted, not just made.
From Honda's "Cog" to Coke's magnificent "Happiness Factory" it seems it's no longer good enough to have the idea, you always have to pull it off better than anyone has, ever before.


Believe it. It's happening.

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