Wednesday, 11 June 2008


What happened to your mind, dude?

Sean P-Diddy Puffy Puff Daddy Coombs on how he didn't change his name, but you should vote on his birthday because if he did change his name he totally could, and he'd say "Hey" because he makes hit records, bitch and you need to register to vote anyway.

Monday, 9 June 2008

In the "Damn I wish I done that" Dept.

Check out this great idea here

Pop corn with your mobile phone


King of Kong

This looks nerdriffic. The World Champion Donkey Kong player, (what?!) held a record that has stood for 20 years. Now, a young middle school science teacher has set himself the task of smashing it in front of a frighteningly large group of middle aged uber-nerds.
More epic than a wizard fighting another wizard. Way more awesome than that wicked cool t-shirt with a flying spaghetti monster second life avatar. More satisfying than an eliminated line of tetris bricks. It's "The King of Kong"; a documentary so packed full of suspense, you'll spill your ear medicine.