Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Morality 2012

The social and cultural psychologist Jonathan Haidt talks with Henry Finder about the five foundations of morality, and why liberals often fail to get their message across. From “2012: Stories from the Near Future,” the 2007 New Yorker Conference.

Check it out here

Plus, you can download all kinds of neat podcasts from the new yorker festivals free from iTunes. Here
Everything from The Future of the Web and Intellectual Property to Gaming, Genius and Mobile Technology.

It's like watching a TED lecture, with a martini.


charlie gower said...

I have all those downloaded but I'm still having a love-in with TED from a few years back...he had long hair then and was so damn prolific.
Perhaps the 2012 talks would be good after a Buck Rogers episode.

Anonymous said...

Are the New Yorker talks called NED?