Friday, 3 August 2007

Moral Minds - Marc Hauser

Harvard neuroscientist Marc Hauser delivers this talk at the New York Acedemy of Sciences on the evolutionary biology of morality. His central idea is that morality is not something learned from society, nor is it a concious process, but rather an inherent biological trait based on evolution. He sees it as the glue that holds society together and he presents some remarkble studies into the cross cultural corealation of what makes something moral or immoral and why the concious mind has no real idea of why it knows the difference. He also talks briefly about a study from Berkely that shows how framing a moral choice inside a positive emotion (i.e by showing clips of SNL before asking the questions) can radically alter the outcome. via the NYAS website and posted on a request from Nick Hernandez from the Mind Head secret vault of awesome podcasts. How's that for service...

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