Monday, 9 July 2007

Slavoj Zizek - Society's unwritten rules

A spell binding video of Slavok Zizek at the Writers House, part of the Writers House series Theorizing in Particular. I love this guy. It's like feeding your brain space gum.


Angus said...

What do you use to watch it dude?

Jaime Diskin said...

Ahh, Angus, I remember you well. We met in London wasn't it? Or was it Cairo?

It's a real audio file (I know, they're crud, I'm working on changing them to iTunes files) but in the meantime, here's some info on how to play them.

Download and install the spyware free real player version from the BBC

Angus said...

Forgive me for correcting you but I do believe we met on safari.

Thank you for your assistance kind sir, and for the coke spot which I have duly stolen as is my way.

Jaime Diskin said...